Greetje Bron-Knecht

I’m Greetje Bron-Knecht and as a qualified analytical therapist I help people with all kinds of psychological problems. I am also an accredited RAPP®- and CADT® consultant and a member of the Committee for Further and Continuing Vocational Training  of the professional association for Analytical Therapists, the JVATN.


For many years I worked as a personnel manager and coached people. However, for me it became increasingly clear that I wanted to guide people

to actually transform their life. Well-intentioned advice and all kinds of makeshift remedies do not help. Actual healing is in a place where you cannot

easily reach it: in the unconscious. I can help you tap into this unknown source of wisdom and strength within yourself. 


My education and training as a depth psychologist have given me the insights and tools to make the unconscious conscious.


In my practice, I can help you with the following questions (and many more): 

  • How do I process my burn-out and make sure that this does not happen again?
  • How do I get rid of my mood swings?
  • How do I gain control over anxiety and panic feelings?

I have spent a large part of my working life in foreign countries, including Germany, Israel, and the United States. This has given me understanding, love, and respect for different customs and cultures. That’s why my practice is also open to people who prefer to speak English.