For whom?


Everyone who...

...has the feeling that life doesn't have much more to offer - Meaning


...feels exhausted and doesn't know how they can drag themselves to work anymore - Burnout


...doesn't know what their next career move will be - Career advice



At 52 years of age, Helen* was fully experienced in her job as HR manager at a large company. She was known as a reliable and loyal colleague.


Occasionally, a fascinating project came along which made the work more interesting, but for the most part she was just going through the motions having seen it all before. Her children had reached an age where they had gone their own way and with her husband she only talked about the kids or work. A deep soul connection had been missing for years.


She hadn't thought much more about it, until both her parents died suddenly in a serious car accident. That was the moment when something snapped. Everything became harder and it was difficult to come across positively. Inside she felt empty and abandoned.


Helen benefited from a number of sessions where she gained insight into what exactly was leaving her feeling so empty and why she was experiencing such a lack of meaning in her life. We also made use of drawings and a dream she had had just after her parents died.


After seven months, Helen realised that she could continue without therapy. Through the therapy, she had experienced real and positive changes regarding her sense of meaning and her relationships.


* This name is not real. Inspired by a true story.



Arno* had been an engineer with an international company in the south of the country for 33 years. He had chosen technical training, because technology was close to his heart.


Also, his father had a technical background and Arno inherited his love of technology from him.


He had climbed the career ladder quickly and had even spent several years abroad before he had children. That was a fantastic time. For him it felt like acknowledgement for all his efforts.


In recent years, any sense of worth from the company had been missing. The workload had been increasing significantly and he had noticed that things no longer went as quickly and smoothly as before. The latter he would never admit, because the culture within the company had become such that any perception of dysfunction could result in an inadequate assessment, meaning a dismissal was not out of the question.


When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, it all became too much for him. Arno came to me when he had to take sick leave. In our first conversations, we discovered exactly why the pressure at work was increasing. We also discussed the uncertainty and fear that the illness of his wife brought. We did Gestalt therapy, hypnosis therapy, and drawing exercises.


At first he came every week, but over time a monthly session was enough until he was ready to go it alone. At work, nothing has changed, but Arno now approaches it in a different way. His colleagues wonder where he gets the energy and pleasure from.


* This name is not real. Inspired by a true story.

Career advice

Despite eight years of work experience, Mark* was still not sure what suited him best and what he liked to do the most.


His brother had taken over his father's company, but Mark had nothing to do with the family business. But he couldn't put a finger on what he really wanted to do.


Mark asked me to help him see what he was best suited for. I conducted the CADT® with Mark to gain insight into the unconscious side of his personality. He chose from the eight picture cards without hesitation and took a little longer to make a selection from the text cards.


At the next appointment, I had his choices ready to discuss. We talked about his unconscious talents and abilities and this was a real eye-opener for Mark. We also discovered the blockades that have prevented him from finding his true destiny all this time.


After several discussions, what the common thread in his life was and what career path would best suit him became clear to him.


* This name is not real. Inspired by a true story.